Friday, August 24, 2012

Trust God

The best way to gain divine assistance is to place complete confidence in God.

With great humility and faith, contemplate the enormous power and wisdom of God. Nothing is too difficult for Him. His goodness is unlimited. He is always ready to give those who love Him the necessities for their spiritual life, and for gaining a complete victory over themselves. The only thing required of us is that we turn to Him with complete confidence. What could be more reasonable?

For about thirty-three years Jesus, the Good Shepherd, looked for lost sheep in difficult terrain. Ultimately, it cost Him His life. Is it possible for such a devoted shepherd to ignore a returning stray? Would it matter if the sheep had only a weak intention of following Him? No. He would look on it with pity, listen to its cries, and take it up upon His own shoulders to return it to the flock.

Remember what the Holy Scriptures tell us in a thousand different places. No one who puts trust in God will be defeated.

Before attempting to do anything good, think about your own weakness and the infinite power, wisdom, and goodness of God. Balance what you fear about yourself with your faith in God.

--Lawrence Scupoli, The Spiritual Combat

Monday, May 7, 2012

Devotional Deja Vu Redux

Although this blog had to be terminated a few years back when my computer was hacked, I've set it up once again to intermittently post some "devotional classics" that I come across in my collection of old devotionals and Christian mystic writings. Some things never change, including my need for inspiration and the encouragement that Someone Who cares still has my life in His hands.

Some posts are repeats from the cached posts I copied from the old blog; other posts here will be new finds as I continue to pore over the books I've yet to complete reading. And some will be from the excellent and always-growing collection over at the Christian Classics Ethereal Library. Enjoy!